The index below lists captions for those albums in the "ORCHESTRAL" genre, which have earned "CLOFO RECOMMENDATIONS" over the past couple of years. Grouped under headers respectively marked "COMPOSER", "PERFORMER" and "ALBUM TITLE", each entry is prefixed with a "(C)", "(L)", "(N)" or "(T)", which indicates what year its associated CROCKS Newsletter review appeared (see below) and can call up same. What's more, there's a product "AVAILABILITY" table under the commentary, showing retail web sites that stock the subject album. Clicking a vendor's name invokes their corresponding product page, thereby facilitating the ordering process.

(C) Current year
(L) Last year
(N) Newest newsletter
(T) Two years ago


(C) Aranda: Fl Conc "Acqua", Fl & Gtr Conc, Pno Conc; Canales/Márquez/Aranda/Shade/CamCoah [Urtext]
(L) Atterberg: Ste 5 "Barocco" (orch), Dbl Conc (vn & vc), Sinfa for Stgs; Andersson/Levin/Svedlund/Örebro ChO [Danacord]

(C) Bach, J.S.: Beatles Go Baroque V2 (Breiner tweaks 5 Bach wks w Beatles tunes); Karvay/Breiner/Breiner ChO [Naxos]
(C) Beatles: Beatles Go Baroque V2 (see Bach, Breiner & Vivaldi); Karvay/Breiner/Breiner ChO [Naxos]
(T) Bellinati: Conc... (2 gtrs & orch); Brouwer, L.: Book of... (2 gtrs & stg orch); Brasil Gtr Duo/Amado/Delaware SO [Naxos]
(C) Binder, Carl: Conc Ov aft Offenbach's Orphée aux enfers (see Offenbach); Griffiths/DSOBerlin SO [CPO]
(C) Bodorová: Planctus (va & orch; w Feld & Flosman); Hosprová/Kučera/Brauner/Prag RSO [Supraphon]
(T) Braga Santos (Santos): Pno Conc, Sym Ov 1, Sym Ov 2 "Lisboa", Viver... Prel, 4 Minis; Filipec/Cassuto/RLiver PO [Naxos]
(L) Braunfels: Pno & Orch Wks (Witches' Sabbath, Concert Piece, Hebridean Dances); Blome/Bühl/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]
(T) Braunfels: Stg Qnt (arr F.Haas for stg orch), Sinf Conc (vn, va, 2 hns & stg orch); Schirmer/MunR O [CPO]
(C) Breiner: Beatles Go Baroque V2 (tweaks of Bach & Vivaldi wks w Beatles tunes); Karvay/Breiner/Breiner ChO [Naxos]
(T) Bricht: Orch Wks V1 (Sym in A, Sym Ste, Verwehte Blätter); Constantine/FortWay P [Toccata]
(L) Bright, D.: Pno Conc 1, Vars for Pno & Orch; Gipps: Pno Conc, Ambarvalia; Ward/McLachlan/Peebles/RLiver PO [SOMM]
(C) Brincken: Orch Wks V1 (Sym 4, Capriccio for Piano & Chamber Orch; Brincken/Held/RScotNa O [Toccata]
(T) Brouwer, L.: Book of... (2 gtrs & stg orch); Bellinati: Conc... (2 gtrs & orch); Brasil Gtr Duo/Amado/Delaware SO [Naxos]
(T) Bruneau: Messidor (Act II-III, Bal & Act IV Prel), L'Attaque du moulin (Ste), Naïs Micoulin (Act I Prel); Ang/Bar SO [Naxos]

(T) Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Vc Conc; Gál, H.: Vc Conc; Wallfisch/Milton/BerCnH O [CPO]
(C) Čiurlionis: Kęstutis, In the Forest, The Sea; Pitrėnas/Lith NSO [Ondine]
(T) Cockerham: Before, It was Golden (vn & stg orch); Price, F.: Vn Concs 1 & 2; Kahng/Cockerham/Janá P [Albany]
(L) Cowen: Sym 5; Sherwood, P.: Conc for Vn, Vc & Orch; Marshall-Luck/Spooner/Andrews/BBCCon O [EM]

(T) David, J.N.: Syms 2 & 4; Wildner/Vien RSO [CPO]
(N) Dawson, Wm. L.: Negro Folk Symphony; Kay, U.: Fantasy Variations, Umbrian Scene; Fagen/Vien RSO [Naxos]
(L) Dente: Sym in d; Hallberg: Concert Ov 2, Sym in F; Engström/Malmö SO/Karlsson/Swed RSO [Sterling]
(T) Diethelm: Syms 1, 3, 4 "Homage...", 5 "Mandala", Sym Ste "Saturnalia", Sym Prologue; Held/RScotNa O [Guild]
(T) Dyson: Sym "Psalm 107", St. Paul's Voyage to Melita; Soloists/Hill/Bach C & Bourn SO [Naxos]
(L) Dubois, T.: Vn Conc, Vn Son, Ballad (vn & pno); Turban/Grüneis/SaarbKaisGer RP/Kuen [CPO]

(L) Elfman: Vn Conc "Eleven Eleven", Pno Qt; Cameron/Mauceri/RScotNa O/Ber P Pno Qt [Sony]
(C) Eller: Sym Poems (Night Calls, White Night, Twilight, Dawn); Elts/EstNa SO [Ondine]
(L) Eller: Vn Conc, Sym Legend, Fantasy (vn & orch), Sym 2 (unfin); Skride/Elts/EstNa SO [Ondine]


(T) Farkas, F.: Orch Wks V5 (Pno Conc, Planctus..., Sym Ov, etc; w Liszt); G.Farkas/Takács-Nagy/BudaMÁV SO [Toccata]
(C) Feld: Va Conc (w Flosman & Bodorová); Hosprová/Kučera/Brauner/Prag RSO [Supraphon]
(C) Flosman: Visions of Michelangelo (va & orch; w Feld & Bodorová); Hosprová/Brauner/Kučera/Prag RSO [Supraphon]
(L) Frid, Grigori: Dbl Conc (va, pno, stgs), Sym 3 (stgs, timp), 2 Inventions (stgs); Soloists/Gazarian/Georgian CO [Capriccio]
(T) Frommel: Sym 1, Sym Prelude; Bruns/Jena PO [Capriccio]

(C) Gál, H.: Va Wks V1 (Ste Conc, Divert w Vn, Son w Pno, Trio w Ob & Vn); Pakkala/Oramo/Ostro ChO/Soloists [Toccata]
(T) Gál, H.: Vc Conc; Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Vc Conc; Wallfisch/Milton/BerCnH [CPO]
(L) Gipps: Pno Conc, Ambarvalia; Bright, D.: Pno Conc 1, Vars for Pno & Orch; McLachlan/Ward/Peebles/RLiver PO [SOMM]
(T) Gipps: Syms 2 & 4, Knight in Amour, Song for Orch; R.Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]
(C) Grädener: Orch Wks V1: Vn Conc 1 (rlz Rabl), Vn Conc 2; Pollick/Rabl/Ukr NSO [Toccata]
(L) Graener: Orch Wks V4 (Vc Conc, Vn Conc & Fl Conc); Sinkevich/Raudales/Dohn/Schirmer/MunR O [CPO]
(T) Groslot: Vn Conc, Conc for Orch; Kurkowicz/Groslot/Brus P [Naxos]
(N) Gunning: Vn Conc, Vc Conc, Birdflight; Mackenzie/Harwood/Gunning/RP O [Signum]

(L) Hallberg: Concert Ov 2, Sym in F; Dente: Sym in d; Engström/Malmö SO/Karlsson/Swed RSO [Sterling]
(C) Hancock, S.: Vars on a Heroic Theme (vn & orch). Vn Conc, "Raptures" Orch Ste; Liebeck/Parikian/BBCCon O [Orchid]
(T) Hausegger: Barbarossa (sym poem), 3 Hymns to the Night (baritone & orch); Hermus/Begemann/Norrk SO [CPO]
(L) Holbrooke: Sym 3 "Ships", "The Birds of ..." Sym Poem, "The girl I left behind me" Vars; Griffiths/SaarbKaisGer RP [CPO]

(L) Ichmouratov: Conc Grosso 1, 3 Roms (va, hp, stgs), Oct (arr stg orch); Misbakhova/Bushkov/Belarus St ChbrO [Chandos]
(C) Ichmouratov: "Youth" Ov, "Maslenitsa" Ov, Sym "On the Ruins of an Ancient Fort"; Tremblay/OrFranco [Chandos]

(T) Jacob, G: Vn Conc (stg orch; w Leighton & P.Patterson); Howick/Llewellyn/BBCScot SO [Naxos]
(L) Järnefelt: Song of the Scarlet Flower (cpte film score; rst Kyllönen & Kuusisto); Kuusisto/Gävle SO [Ondine]


(T) Kakhidze, V. Pno Conc, Amazons Sym Ste (fm bal), Conjugations; V. & D. Kakidze/Tbilisi SO [Cugate Cl]
(L) Kalabis: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings (w W.Leigh, Rorem & Nyman); Vinikour/Speck/Chic P [Cedille]
(L) Kalnins, J.: Vn Conc (w Raminsh & Kenins); Zarina/Sirmais/CanOpCoO/Others [Centre]
(C) Kapp, A.: Sym 4 "Youth...", The Last Confession (vn & stgs; w Artur Lemba & Lüdig); Ruubel/N.Järvi/EstNa SO [Chandos]
(T) Karayev: Sym 1, Vn Conc; Gandelman/Yablonsky/Kiev Virtuosi [Naxos]
(N) Kay, U.: Fantasy Variations, Umbrian Scene; Dawson, Wm. L.: Negro Folk Symphony; Fagen/Vien RSO [Naxos]
(L) Kenins: Conc for Pno, Stg Orch & Perc (w J.Kalnins & Raminsh); Ozolins/Johnston/Strombergs/9LSFO/Others [Centre]
(T) Kernis: Dreamsongs (vc & orch), Va Conc, Conc w... (orch), etc; Roman/Neubauer/Kernis/Miller/RNorth Sinfa [Signum]
(T) Krcek: Ob Conc, Vn Conc, 3 Dances in..., Film Ste The Secret...; Soloists/Krcek/MusBohPrag/Warchal/SlovCh O [ArcoD]

(T) Lachner, Franz: Sym 3, Festouvertüre; Schmalfuss/Everg SO [CPO]
(L) Leigh, W.: Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings (w Rorem, Kalabis & Nyman); Vinikour/Speck/Chic P [Cedille]
(T) Leighton Vn Conc (w G.Jacob & P.Patterson); Howick/Llewellyn/BBCScot SO [Naxos]
(C) Lemba, Artur: Pno Conc 1 (with A.Kapp & Lüdig); Poll/N.Järvi/EstNa CO [Chandos]
(L) Leshnoff: Sym 4 "Heichalos", Gtr Conc, Starburst; Vieaux/Guerrero/Nashv SO [Naxos]
(T) Lindberg, M.: Vn Conc 2, Tempus fugit; Zimmermann/Lintu/Fin RSO [Ondine (Hybrid)]
(T) Liszt: Funéraillles (S173, No. 7; orch Farkas; w Farkas); Takács-Nagy/BudaMÁV SO [Toccata]
(C) Lüdig: Midsummer Night, Ov Fant No 1, Ov Fant No 2, (w Artur Lemba & A.Kapp); N.Järvi/EstNa SO [Chandos]

(T) Martinu: Early Orch Wks V3 (Ballade after Böcklin's..., Dream of..., Vanishing...); Kopacka/Hobson/SinfaVars [Toccata]
(L) Marx. J.: Eine Herbstsymphonie (An Autumn Symphony); Wildner/Graz PO [CPO]
(L) Marx, J.: Pno Concs (No 1 "Romantic", 1916-20 & No 2 "Castelli Romani", 1929-30); Lively/Sloane/Bochum SO [Naxos]
(L) Matthews, D.: Sym 9, Dbl Conc (vn, va & stgs), Vars for Stgs; Woods/Eng SO/Trickley/Bradley/Woods/Eng StgO [Nimbus]
(T) Mayer, E.: Sym 4, Pno Conc, Stg Qt, Pno Son, 2 Pno Pcs; Malzew/Kupiec/Tewinkel/Neubrand P/Klenke Qt/Tai [Capriccio]
(T) Mayseder: Vol. 3 (Vn Concs 1 & 3, Vn Concertino 2); Lissy/Zehetner/JMays O [Gramola]
(C) Moszkowski: Orch Wks V1 (Johanna d'Arc: Sym Poem in 4 Mvmts); Hobson/SinfaVars [Toccata]

(L) Nepomuceno: Sym in g, Série Brasileira, O Garatuja Prel; Mechetti/MinGer PO [Naxos]
(T) Newton, R.: Orch Wks V1 (Syms 1 & 4, Distant Nebulae); Soloists/Mann/Málaga PO [Toccata]
(T) Nilsson, A.: Pno Conc, Sym 4, Zarah Ste, Chaconne (pno); Sturfält/Coppin/Takács-Nagy/Ollikainen/VästSinfta [dBProd]
(T) Nixon, H.C.: Concert Ov 2, Constk (pno & orch), May..., Witch... Prel, Dance...; Hobson/Mann/Kodály PO [Toccata]
(L) Nyman: Concerto for Amplified Harpsichord and Strings (w W.Leigh, Rorem & Kalabis); Vinikour/Speck/Chic P [Cedille]

(C) Offenbach: Orch Excs fm Orphée aux Enfers (5; see Binder, Carl); Griffiths/DSOBerlin [CPO]


(L) Paganini: 24 Vn Caprices, Op. 1 (arr M.Skoryk for large orch); Zemtsov/LvivInt SO [Tocatta]
(T) Pal: Starling Triple Conc (vn, vc, pno & orch), Into the Wonder Sym; Post/Gryphon Trio/ThunderBay SO [Analekta]
(L) Parry, C.H.: Sym 4 (orig vers), Proserpine (cpte bal), Ste... (last 3 of 4 mvmts); Gamba/BBCWalNa LadiesC&O [Chandos]
(T) Patterson, P.: Vn Conc 2 "Serenade" (w G.Jacob & Leighton); Howick/Llewellyn/BBCScot SO [Naxos]
(L) Pedini: La Follia (vars aft Corelli), 3 Pcs (stgs); Ugoletti: Vars on La Follia, Il sentiero...; Nazzaro/KLK Stg O [Brilliant]
(T) Poling: Gtr Conc 1 "Concierto De Chiaro"; Ste 2 "Along These..." (stg orch); De Chiaro/Poling/Lon SO [Centaur]
(L) Popper: Vc Concs 1-3 (w orch), Vc Conc 4 (w pno instead of orch); Rummel/Evans/CzPard ChPO/Kato [Naxos]
(L) Price, F.: Syms 1 & 4; Jeter/FortSm S [Naxos]
(T) Price, F.: Vn Concs 1 & 2; Cockerham: Before, It was Golden (vn & stg orch); Kahng/Cockerham/Janá PO [Albany]
(L) Ponce, M.M.: Chapultepec..., Estampas... (stgs), Instantáneas, Ste... (aft I.Albéniz): Zapata/SanLuisPot SO [Toccata]

(L) Reznicek, E.: Karneval-Ste im alten Stil, Traumspiel-Ste, Sym Ste No. 1; Solyom/StaWeimar SO [CPO]
(T) Rode, P.: Vn Concs V5 (11 & 12), Air varié in E Op.12, Air varié in D Op.26; Eichhorn/Pasquet/Jena PO [Naxos]
(L) Romero Asenjo: Sinfonia, Divertimento, Vc Conc, Conc 2 Vns (all wks w stg orch); Soloists/Torre/Cammerata O [Naxos]
(C) Röntgen: Pno Concs 3, 6 & 7; Triendl/Bäumer/Krist SO [CPO]
(L) Rorem: Concertino da Camera (hpd & chbr en; w. W.Leigh, Kalabis & Nyman); Vinikour/Speck/Chic P [Cedille]
(T) Roskott: Vn Conc, Vn Son; Takayama/Negrutiu/Kim/ShenCon SO [Centaur]
(L) Rosner, A.: Orch Wks V3 (Sym 6, Nocturne, "Tempus Perfectum" Concert Ov); Palmer/Lon PO [Toccata]

(C) Saint-Saëns: Orch Excs fm 3 Operas, Andromaque (Ov & Act IV Prel), La Jota..., Ov to an...; Märkl/Malmö SO [Naxos]
(T) Santos (Braga Santos): Pno Conc, Sym Ov 1, Sym Ov 2 "Lisboa", Viver... Prel, 4 Minis; Filipec/Cassuto/RLiver PO [Naxos]
(C) Sawyers: Sym 4, Hommage to Kandinsky (symphonic poem); K.Woods/BBCWalNa [Nimbus]
(T) Schelb: Orch Wks V1 (Movimento, Music for Orch 3, Music for Orch 4); Mann/Liep SO, Baleff/BB P [Toccata]
(T) Schumann, Geo.: Sym in f (3rd of 3); Overture to a Drama, "Joy to Life" Overture; Feddeck/BerGer SO [CPO]
(L) Sherwood, P.: Conc for Vn, Vc & Orch; Cowen: Sym 5; Marshall-Luck/Spooner/Andrews/BBCCon O [EM]
(L) Skoryk: Paganini by Arrangement (arr 24 Vn Caprices, Op. 1 for large orch); Zemtsov/LvivInt SO [Toccata]
(C) Skoryk: Vn Concs V1 (Nos. 1-4); Bielow/Sirenko/Ukr NSO [Naxos]
(C) Skoryk: Vn Concs V2 (Nos. 5-9); Bielow/Sirenko/Ukr NSO [Naxos]
(T) Stephenson, J.M.: Liquid..., Colors, Les Chants, Cl Son, Fant, Étude...; Yeh/Kulenovic/LakeF S/Klein/ChicPM [Cedille]

(T) Tarp: Orch Wks V1 (Ste "Dethroned...", Ste..., Fl Conc, Vn Conc, Ov...); Soloists/Ringborg/Aarhus SO [Dacapo (Hybrid)]
(L) Twardowski: Vn Conc, Cap..., Fantazja..., Nigginim... (all vn & orch), Seren (stg orch); Augustyn/Smolij/Toruń SO [Naxos]


(L) Ugoletti: Vars on La Follia, Il sentiero...; Pedini: La Follia (vars aft Corelli), 3 Pcs (stgs); Nazzaro/KLK Stg O [Brilliant]
(T) Urspruch: Pno Conc, Sym; Triendl/Fritzsch/Bosch/NWGer P [CPO]

(L) Vainberg (Weinberg, M.): Sym 13, Serenade; Lande/SiberSt SO [Naxos]
(T) Van der Pals: Sym 1, Frühling, Herbst, Wieland der Schmied; Goritzki/Hels SO [CPO]
(C) Vieuxtemps: Vn & Orch Wks (5 and Duo brillant with vn & vc); Kuppel/Bogatyrev/Bosch/Qatar PO [Naxos]
(C) Vivaldi: Beatles Go Baroque V2 (Breiner tweaks "The 4 Seasons" w Beatles tunes); Karvay/Breiner/Breiner ChO [Naxos]
(C) Vladigerov, P.: 7 Symphonic Bulgarian Dances, Vardar Rhapsody, Bulgarian Ste; Todorov/Rousse PO [Naxos]
(C) Volbach:"Es waren zwie Königskinder" Sym Poem; Sym in b; Berg/Münster SO [CPO]

(L) Watkins, H.: Fl Conc, Sym, Vn Conc; Walker/Wigglesworth/Hallé O/Ibragimova/Gardner/BBC SO [NMC]
(L) Weigl, K.I.: Sym 1, Bilder und Geschichten; Bruns/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]
(C) Weigl, K.I.: Syms 4 & 6; Bruns/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]
(L) Weigl, K.I.: Vc Conc, Vc Son, 2 Pcs (vc & pno), Menuetto (vc & pno); Wallfisch/Milton/BerCnH O/Rushton/York [CPO]
(L) Weinberg, M. (Vainberg): Sym 13, Serenade; Lande/SiberSt SO [Naxos]
(C) Weinberger: Six Bohemian Songs &..., Orch Exs fm Schwanda… (6), Ov to The Beloved...; Steffens/RheinPfSt P [CPO]
(N) Weiner, Leó: Cpte Orch Wks V3 (Romance, Diverts 1 & 2, Pastorale..., Hungarian…); Soloists/Csányi/BudaMÁV SO [Naxos]
(L) Wordsworth, Wm.: Orch Wks V2 (Pno Conc, Vn Conc, 3 Pastoral…); Arnicane/Bydlowska/Gibbons/Liep SO [Toccata]
(L) Woyrsch: Syms 4 & 5, Szenes zu Goethes Faust: Gartenszene; Dorsch/HanNDR P [CPO]


There are none at present.


(C) Beatles Go Baroque V2 (Breiner tweaks Bach & Vivaldi w Beatles tunes); Karvay/Breiner/Breiner ChO [Naxos]

(C) Czech Va Concs (3 by 20th C cmpsrs; see Bodorová, Feld & Flosman); Hosprová/Kučera/Brauner/Prag RSO [Supraphon]

(C) Estonian 20th C. Orch wks (see A.Kapp, Artur Lemba & Lüdig); Poll/Ruubel/N.Järvi/EstNa SO [Chandos]

(L) Harpsichord Concs (4 by 20th C cmpsrs; see Kalabis, W.Leigh, Nyman & Rorem); Vinikour/Speck/Chic P [Cedille]