The index below lists captions for "CLOFO RECOMMENDATIONS", CROCKS Newsletter reviews of the "ORCHESTRAL" genre, which have appeared as far back as two years ago. They're alphabetically listed by caption category, i.e., "COMPOSER", "PERFORMER" or "ALBUM TITLE", under similarly marked headers.

Every caption is prefixed with "(C)", "(L)", "(N)" or "(T)", indicating when its parent newsletter appeared (see below). Each prefix has an underlying link that not only calls up the newsletter, but moves to the starting point of its associated review. What's more, there's a product "AVAILABILITY" table below the commentary, showing retail web sites that stock the subject album. Clicking a retailer's name invokes their corresponding product page, thereby facilitating the ordering process.

(C) During the current year.
(L) Last year.
(N) In the newest newsletter.
(T) Two years ago.


(T) Albéniz, I.: Pno Conc 1 "Fantastico", Rhap... (w E.Granados); Mestre/Brabbins/BBCScot SO [Hyperion]
(C) Alwyn, W.: Blackdown (w Austin, Bantock, Gurney, Gardiner, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O handos]
(C) Alwyn, W.: Film Scores V4 (6 stes & 4 excs from 10 films, 1941-59); Gamba/BBC P [Chandos]
(T) Andriessen, H.: Orch Wks V2 (Sym 2, Ricercare, Mascherata, Wilhelmus van...); Porcelijn/Neth SO [CPO]
(T) Andriessen, H.: Orch Wks V3 (Sym 3, Sym Conc,Chantecler Ov); Porcelijn/Neth SO [CPO]
(C) Andriessen, H.: Orch Wks V4 (Sym 4, Libertas venit Rhap, Capriccio, Canzone); Porcelijn/Neth SO [CPO]
(C) Austin, F.: Spring Rhapsody (w Alwyn, Bantock, Gurney, Gardiner, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]

(L) Bach, J.S.: Vrs Pieces (see Safaian: ÜberBach); Knauer/Schumacher/Zimmermann/ZurCh O [Neue Meister]
(L) Badings: Syms 4 & 5; Porcelijn/Bochum SO [CPO]
(C) Bantock: Witch of Atlas (w Austin, Alwyn, Gurney, Gardiner, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]
(T) Bartók: Va Conc (see Vc Conc); Dorati: Vc Conc; Seiber: 3 Pcs; Wallfisch/Takács-Nagy/BBCWalNa O [Nimbus]
(T) Bartók: Vc Conc (arr Va Conc); Dorati: Vc Conc; Seiber: 3 Pcs; Wallfisch/Takács-Nagy/BBCWalNa O [Nimbus]
(C) Ben-Haim: Sym 2, Conc Grosso; Yinon/HanNDR RP [CPO]
(C) Bériot, C.-A. de; Vn Concs 4, 6 & 7, Air varié No. 4 "Montagnard", Scčne de ballet; Tsuji/Halász/CzPard ChPO [Naxos]
(N) Borenstein: Vn Conc, Big Bang and Creation…, If You Will It, It is…; Trynkos/Ashkenazy/Oxford PO [Chandos (Hybrid)]
(L) Boyle, G.F.: Pno Conc; Hill, Alf.: Pno Son, Pno Conc; Lane/Fritzch/Adel SO [Hyperion]
(L) Braga Santos (Santos): Vc Conc (w Branco, Costa & Lopes-Graça): Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]
(L) Branco (Freitas Branco): Cena lirica (w Costa, Lopes-Graça & Santos); Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]
(T) Braunfels: Divert for Radio... (w Butting, Künneke, Schreker, Spoliansky, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(L) Braunfels: Don Gil...: Prel & Ste; Die Vögel (exc); Constk (pno); Seren; Lane/Wildner/BBCCon O [Dutton (Hybrid)]
(L) Braunfels: Don Juan Vars for Orch, Sym Vars on an Old French Nursery Song; Frank/Alten-Gera PO [Capriccio]
(T) Brian: Syms 6 "Sinfa Tragica", 28 (Sinfa in c), 29 & 31; Walker/NewRussSt O [Naxos]
(T) Brian: Syms 19, 27, Festal Dance, Sym 5 "Wine of Summer"; Williams/Brabbins/RScotNa O [Dutton]
(L) Bristow: Sym 2 "Jullien", Rip van Winkle Ov, A Winter's Tale Ov; Miller/RN Sinfa [New World]
(T) Brun: Pno Conc, Vars on Orig Theme (pno & stg orch), Divert (pno & stgs); Nemec/Adriano/Brat SO [Guild]
(L) Butterworth, G.: Orch Fant (rlz), Shropshire Songs (6 w orch), Love…, etc; Rutherford/Russman/BBCWalNa [BIS (Hybrid)]
(T) Butting: Sinfta..., etc (w Braunfels, Künneke, Schreker, Spolianksky, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]

(T) Camilleri, C.: Pno Conc 1 "Mediterranean", Accrdn Conc, Malta Ste; Farrugia/Božac/Vaupotic/Malta PO [Naxos]
(L) Carpenter, J.A.: Krazy Kat…, Pno Conc, Carmel Conc, Patterns...; Chertock/Lockhart/BBCCon O [Dutton]
(L) Carrillo, Julián: Sym 1, Theme & Vars for Orch, Ste 1 for Orch; Zapata/SanLuisPot SO [Sterling]
(C) Casella, Alf.: Divert for Fulvia (orch; w Donatoni, Ghedini & G.F.Malipiero); Iorio/SvizItaliana O [Naxos]
(T) Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Vn Conc 1 "Italiano", Vn Conc 2 "I Profeti"; Yang/De Boer/BB&FreiSWR SO [Naxos]
(L) Costa, L.: Poema (vc & orch, rlz Gomez; w Branco, Lopes-Graça & Santos); Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]
(C) Curci, A.: Vn Concs 1 "Conc romantico", 2, 3, Suite Italiana… (vn & orch); Gulli/Capuana/ Studio O [First Hand]

(T) D'Indy, V.: Orch Wks V6 (Wallenstein, Ste…, Lied (vc), Fervaal Prel III, etc; Gamba/Ice SO [Chandos (Hybrid)]
(T) Damrosch, L.: Sym in A, Festival Ov (w F.P.Schubert); Russell/AzuPacU SO [Toccata]
(L) Daugherty, M.: Tales of... (vc & orch), American... (orch), Once... (org & orch); Bailey/Jacobs/Guerrero/Nashv S [Naxos]
(N) Davis, Carl: Aladdin (cpte bal); CarlDavis/Malay PO [Carl Davis]
(T) Diethelm: Stg Orch Wks (3); Rütti: Sym "The Visions of Niklaus von Flüe"; Schmid/Held/NovoSt PChO [Guild]
(L) Domínguez, J.: Legend of Joaquín Murieta (cpte bal); J.Dominguez/Santiago PO [Naxos]
(C) Donatoni: Musica for Chbr Orch (w Alf.Casella, Ghedini & G.F.Malipiero); Iorio/SvizItaliana O [Naxos]
(T) Dorati: Vc Conc; Bartók: Vc Conc (arr Va Conc); Seiber: 3 Pcs; Wallfisch/Takács-Nagy/BBCWalNa O [Nimbus]
(T) Dubois, T.: Syms 1 & 2, Pno Qt, Pno Son, Messe…, 6 Voc Pcs; Soloists/Vrs Cndctrs & Os [Edic Sing (CD-Bk)]

(T) Eggert, J.: Syms 1 & 3, Mohrene i Spanien Ov, Svante Sture Inc Music; Korsten/Gävle SO [Naxos]
(T) Eggert, J.: Syms 2 & 4, Sym 4 Alt 2nd Mvmt; Korsten/Gävle SO [Naxos]
(L) Elgar: Pno Qnt (orch Fraser), Sea Pictures (arr chorus & stgs Fraser); Woods/Eng SO/Rodolf C & Eng ChO [Avie]


(T) Farkas, F.: Orch Wks V3 (Old..., Piccola…, Ob Conc, Ricordanze, Aria e…, etc); Soloists/FrLiszt ChO [Toccata]
(L) Farkas, F.: Orch Wks V4 (Old..., Seren…, Hp Conc, Musica…, Cantiones…, etc); Soloists/FrLiszt ChO [Toccata]
(T) Fibich: Night at… Ov, Comenius Fest Ov, Jew of… Ov, Hedy Bal Concert Ste, etc; Stilec/CzNa SO [Naxos]
(T) Fine, I.: Cpte Orch Wks (6; 1947-60); Rose/BosMOP O [BMOP/s (Hybrid)]
(L) Freitas Branco (Branco): Cena lirica (w Costa, Lopes-Graça & Santos); Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]
(T) Fucík: 2 Ovs, 8 Marches (incl Gladiators), 3 Waltzes, 1 Polka (full orch) ; N.Järvi/RScotNa O [Chandos (Hybrid)]

(T) Gallagher, J.: Sym 2 "Ascendant", Quiet Reflections; Falletta/Lon SO [Naxos]
(C) Gardiner, H.B.: Bershire Idyll (w Austin, Alwyn, Bantock, Gurney, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]
(C) Garrido-Lecca: Andean Folk…, Sym Tableaux, Peruvian Ste, Laudes II; Harth-Bedoya/Norw RO/FortWor SO [Naxos]
(T) Gernsheim: Vn Concs 1 & 2, Fantasiestück (vn & orch); Roth/Zurl/Ham Sym [CPO]
(C) Ghedini: Conc grosso (wnd qnt & strings; w Alf.Casella, Donatoni & G.F.Malipiero) Iorio/SvizItaliana O [Naxos]
(L) Godard, B.: Sym gothique, Sym 2, Trois Morceaux (3, orch); Reiland/MunR O [CPO]
(L) Gothe, M.L.: Sym 2 "…sunt lachrimae…", Autumn..., Apotheosis...; Burstedt/Helsing SO/Väst Snfta [dBProd]
(T) Graener: Orch Wks V3 (Pno Conc, Sinfta, Divert…, 3 Swedish Dances); Triendl/Francis/MunR O [CPO]
(L) Granados, E.: Orch Wks V1 (Marcha…, Torrijos… Inc Mus, Ste sobre...; González/Madrigal C/Bar SO [Naxos]
(L) Granados, E.: Orch Wks V3 (Liliana (arr Casals), Ste oriental (aka Ste árabe), Elisenda; Espasa/González/Bar SO [Naxos]
(T) Granados, E.: Pno Conc "Patético" (w. I.Albéniz); Mestre/Brabbins/BBCScot SO [Hyperion]
(L) Guan, Xia: Sym 2 "Hope", Earth…: I. Gazing… (orch), Sorrowful Dawn - Sym Ballade; En Shao/Nurem SO [Naxos]
(C) Gurney: Gloucestershire Rhap...(w Austin, Alwyn, Bantock, Gardiner, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]

(T) Hadley, H.: Salome, San Francisco, Othello ..., Enchanted…, Cleopatra's…, Scherzo…; Miller/BBCCon O [Dutton]
(T) Hahn, R.: Le Bal de…, Conc provençal, Divert pour..., Sérénade; Soloists/EnInit/Chalvin/PaysSav O [Timpani]
(C) Harberg: Va Conc, Elegy (va & stg orch); Wolpert: Va Conc 1 "Giants"; Deubner/Lerner/SAriz SO [Naxos]
(C) Hausegger: Aufklänge Vars über ein Kinderlied, Dionysische Phantasie, Wieland der Schmied; Hermus/Bam S [CPO]
(C) Hausegger: Natursymphonie (Orch & C); Rasilainen/ColWDR C&O [CPO (Hybrid)]
(T) Harbison: Great Gatsby Ste, Darkbloom..., Closer… (4 songs w orch); Mackenzie/Miller/Albany SO [Albany]
(C) Higdon: Va Conc, Ob Conc, All Things Majestic; Diaz/Button/Guerrero/Nashv S [Naxos]
(L) Hill, Alf.: Pno Conc, Pno Son; Boyle, G.F.: Pno Conc; Lane/Fritzch/Adel SO [Hyperion]
(T) Hill, E.B.: Sym 4, Pno Concs 1 & 2, Divert (pno & orch); Nel/Bay/Austin SO [Bridge]
(L) Holbrooke: Vn Conc "Grasshopper", "Auld Lang Syne" Vars, "The Raven"; Ingolfsson/Griffiths/FrankBrandSt O [CPO]
(T) Holst, G.: Walt Whitman Ov (w Milford & Stanford); Marshall-Luck/Hughes/BBCCon O [EM]

(T) Ibert: Le Chevalier errant (sym ste), Les Amours de Jupiter (cpte bal); Mercier/LorrNa O [Timpani]
(T) Indy, V. d': Orch Wks V6 (Wallenstein, Ste…, Lied (vc), Fervaal Prel III, etc; Gamba/Ice SO [Chandos (Hybrid)]
(L) Ireland: J.: Stg Orch Wks (arrs of Vc Son, Downland Ste, 6 short vn & pno pcs); Wallfisch/Curtis/Swan O [Naxos]

(C) Jarnach: Musik zum Gedächtnis... (stg orch); Laks: Sinfa for Stgs, Sinfta for Stgs; Rohde/NFMLeop ChO [CPO]
(T) Jensen, A.: Hochzeitsmusik (orch Becker), Der Gang..., Die Erbin… (3 excs fm opera); Baleff/BB P [Genuin]
(T) Jongen: Tableaux..., Sarabande…, Ste (va & orch), Pages…; Braude/Haeck/RLičge PO [MusEnWal]
(C) Jongen: Vc Conc, Počmes Nos. 1 & 2 (vc & orch); Demarquette/Arming/RLičge PO [MusEnWal]
(C) Juon: Rhapsodische Sinfonie, Sinfonietta Capricciosa; Jenkins/Bam S [CPO]


(L) Klenau: Sym 9; Soloists/Schönwandt/DanNa CnC&SO [Dacapo]
(C) Kletzki: Sym 2; Marek: Sinfa; Godlewski/Rösner/KatPolRNa SO [Mus Suiss]
(T) Klughardt: Sym 4, Drei Stücke; Hermus/Anh-Dessau P [CPO]
(L) Koch, E.: Syms 3 & 4 (Sinfa Seria), Impulsi, Nordiskt Cap; Hammarström/Swed RSO [BIS]
(T) Kraggerud: Equinox (24 Postludes & Over for Vn & Chbr Orch); Kraggerud/Arctic P ChO [Simax]
(T) Künneke: Tänzerische Ste… (w Braunfels, Butting, Schreker, Spoliansky, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(T) Kuula: South Ostrobothnian Stes 1 & 2, Festive March, Prel & Fugue; Segerstam/Turku PO [Ondine]

(L) Lajtha: Sym "Les Soli" (stgs, hp & perc), Sinftas 1 & 2 (stgs); Fontanelli/Rohmann/Csaba/BudaCh S [BMC]
(N) Lajtha: Syms 8 & 9; Pasquet/Pécs SO [Naxos]
(C) Laks: Sinfa for Stgs, Sinfta for Stgs; Jarnach: Musik zum Gedächtnis... (stg orch); Rohde/NFMLeop ChO [CPO]
(C) Levina: Pno Concs 1 & 2; Lettberg/Matiakh/Ber RSO [Capriccio]
(L) Lindberg, M.: Vc Conc 2, Al largo, Era; Karttunen/Lintu/Fin RSO [Ondine (Hybrid)]
(N) Lloyd, G.: Syms 6 & 7 "Proserpine"; Downes/BBCN SO [Lyrita]
(T) Loeffler: Divert Espagnol (sax), Villanelle…, Nuit de… (vn), Divert (vn); Soloists/Wildner/BBCCon O {Dutton]
(L) Lopes-Graça: Conc Camera (vc & orch; w Branco, Costa & Santos); Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]

(C) Malipiero, G.F.: Imaginary Orient (orch; w Alf.Casella, Donatoni & Ghedini) Iorio/SvizItaliana O [Naxos]
(T) Mankell: Pno Conc; Nystroem: Conc Ricercante (pno & orch); Christenssen/Paternostro/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]
(C) Marek: Sinfa; Kletzki: Sym 2; Godlewski/Rösner/KatPolRNa SO [Mus Suiss]
(L) Martinu: Early Orch Wks V2 (Stin: cpte bal); Soloists/Hobson/Sinfa Vars [Toccata]
(L) Melartin: Traumgesicht, Blue Pearl Bal (8 excs), Marjatta (sop & orch); Isokoski/Lintu/FinR SO [Ondine]
(T) Milford, R.: Vn Conc (w Holst & Stanford); Marshall-Luck/Hughes/BBCCon O [EM]
(L) Moszkowski: Fackeltanz, Don… (6 airs), Habanera, Gondoliera, Prés…, Aux…, Spanische…; West/SanFrBal O [Reference]

(C) Nixon, H.C.: Concert Ov 3, Palamon and Arcite (sym poem), Romance for Vn & Orch; Török/Mann/Kodály PO [Toccata]
(T) Nystroem: Conc Ricercante (pno & orch); Mankell: Pno Conc; Christenssen/Paternostro/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]

(T) O'Brien, C.: Cpte Orch Wks V1 (Sym in f; Ellangowan Concert Ov, Op 12); Mann/Liepaja SO [Toccata]
(L) O'Brien, C.: Cpte Orch Wks V2 (2 Conc Ovs, Scottish Scenes, Mazurka, Berceuse); Mann/Liepaja SO [Toccata]
(C) O'Brien, C.: Cpte Orch Wks V3 (Ellangowan Conc Ov, Waltz Suite, Suite Humoristique); Mann/Liepaja SO [Toccata]


(C) Papandopulo: Pno Conc 3, Vn Conc; Triendl/Zhu/Matvejeff/RijekaOp SO [CPO]
(T) Pigovat: Holocaust Requiem, Poem of Dawn; Serova/Guerini/CroatR&TV SO [Naxos]
(C) Pizzetti: Sym in A, Harp Conc; Bassani/Iorio/RAINa SO [Naxos]

(L) Radecke, R.: Sym in F; Shakespeare's King John Ov, 2 Scherzi, Nachtstück; Zehnder/BielSoloth SO [CPO]
(L) Reznicek, E.: Konzert... (vn & orch), Goldpirol…, Wie Till…, Prel... (orch), Nacht... (vn & orch); Jaffé/Bosch/Ber RSO [CPO]
(T) Richman: Pno Conc "In Truth", Ob Conc "The Clearing", 3 Pcs (vc & orch); Soloists/Richman/Pitts SO [Albany]
(T) Rode, P.: Vn Concs V1 (7, 10 & 13); Eichhorn/Pasquet/KaisSWR RO [Naxos]
(T) Rode, P.: Vn Concs V2 (3, 4 & 6); Eichhorn/Pasquet/Jena PO [Naxos]
(T) Rode, P.: Vn Concs V3 (1, 5 & 9); Eichhorn/Pasquet/Jena PO [Naxos}
(T) Rode, P.: Vn Concs V4 (2 & 8), Vars on "Nel…", Intro & Vars on Tyrolean...; Eichhorn/Pasquet/Jena PO [Naxos]
(C) Röntgen: Syms 9 "Die Bitonale" & 21, Serenade; Porcelijn/FrankBrandSt O [CPO]
(T) Rudorff: Sym 3, Vars on an Original Theme; Beermann/Bochum SO [CPO]

(L) Safaian: ÜberBach (5 Concs & Modulation aft J.S. Bach); Knauer/Schumacher/Zimmermann/ZurCh O [Neue Meister]
(T) Sallinen: Chbr Music I-VIII; Soloists/Jyväs Wind Qnt/Meta4 Qt/Matvejeff/Gothóni/Jyväs Sinfa [Ondine]
(L) Santos (Braga Santos): Vc Conc (w Branco, Costa & Lopes-Graça): Borralhinho/Neves/Gulben O [Naxos]
(L) Schmidt, F.: Fant (pno & orch), Vars on Hussar's Song, Chaconne (orch); Stancul/Rumpf/RheinPfSt P [Capriccio]
(T) Schreker: Kleine Ste (w Braunfels, Butting, Künneke, Spoliansky, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(T) Schubert, F.P.: Marche Militaire No. 1 (orch Damrosch; w L.Damrosch); Russell/AzuPacU SO [Toccata]
(T) Seiber: 3 Pcs; Bartók: Vc Conc (arr Va Conc); Dorati: Vc Conc; Wallfisch/Takács-Nagy/BBCWalNa O [Nimbus]
(C) Shostakovich/Barshai: Chbr Syms 1, 4 & 5 (tr Barshai of Shostakovich Stg Qts 8, 4 & 1); Yablonsky/Kiev Virtuosi [Naxos]
(C) Shostakovich/Barshai: Chbr Syms 2 & 3 (tr Barshai of Shostakovich Stg Qts 10 & 3); Yablonsky/Kiev Virtuosi [Naxos]
(N) Silvestrov: Serenade (stgs), Moments of Memory II (pno, stgs) & 4 Other Wks; Starodub/Yablonsky/Kiev Virtuosi [Naxos]
(C) Soro: Sinfonía romántica, 3 Chilean Tunes, Danza fantástica, Andante appassionato (orch); Domínguez/Chile SO [Naxos]
(T) Spoliansky: Charleston... (2; w Braunfels, Butting, Künneke, Schreker, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(T) Stanford, C.: Vn Conc 2 (rlz Dibble; w Holst & Milford); Marshall-Luck/Hughes/BBCCon O [EM]
(T) Suchon: Baladická suita, Metamorfózy, Symfonietta rustica; N.Järvi/EstNa SO [Chandos]

(C) Tansman: Sextour Ballet-bouffe, Bric ŕ Brac Ballet en 3 tableaux; Borowicz/Michniewski/Pol RSO [CPO]
(T) Toch: Bunte Ste (w Braunfels, Butting, Künneke, Schreker, Spoliansky); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(L) Torke: Three Manhattan Bridges (pno & orch), Winter's Tale (vc & orch); Yang/Albers/Miller/Albany SO [Albany]


(C) Vaughan Williams: Solent (fm 3 Imprsns; w Austin, Alwyn, Bantock, Gurney, Gardiner); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]
(T) Viana da Mota: "Ŕ Pátria" Sinfa, Inęs de Castro, Chula do…, 3 improvisos…, Vito; Cassuto/RLiver PO [Naxos]
(T) Vianna da Motta: "Ŕ Pátria" Sinfa, Inęs de Castro, Chula do…, 3 improvisos…, Vito; Cassuto/RLiver PO [Naxos]
(C) Villa-Lobos: Syms 8, 9 & 11; Karabtchevsy/SăoPau SO [Naxos]

(T) Wagenaar, J.: Sinfta, Elverhöi, Frühlingsgewalt Ov, Amphitrion Ov, Le Cid Ov; Hermus/NWGer P [CPO]
(T) Waghalter: Mandragola (Ov, Intrmzo), New… (rcn Walker), Masaryk's…; Walker/NewRussSt SO [Naxos]
(T) Weigl, K.I.: Pno Conc (left hand), Vn Conc ; Krumpöck/Frühwirth/Hermann/Krumpöck/NGerRos P [Capriccio]
(L) Weinberger: 6 Bohemian...(orch), Ov to…, Passacaglia (org & orch); Strodthoff/Albrecht/BerGer SO [Capriccio]
(L) Weiner, Leó: Csongor... (cpte bal), Ballad for Cl & Orch (va vers); Szücs/Csányi/JubG C/BudaMÁV SO [Naxos]
(C) Wolpert: Va Conc 1 "Giants"; Harberg: Va Conc, Elegy (va & stg orch); Deubner/Lerner/SAriz SO [Naxos]
(T) Woyrsch: Sym 3, 3 Böcklin-Phantasien (orch ste); Dorsch/OldenSt O [CPO]

(T) Ysa˙e: Méditation (vc, orch), Harmonies… (stg qt, orch), etc; Soloists/Ardente Qt/RLičge PO [MusEnWal]

(L) Zádor: Biblical Triptych, Rhap for Large Orch, Fugue Fantasia, Christmas Ov; Smolij/BudaMÁV SO [Naxos]
(L) Zádor: Sym 3 "Dance Sym", Vars on a Hungarian Folksong, Festival Ov; Smolij/BudaMÁV SO [Naxos]
(L) Zimmermann, B.: Sinfonie (1951), Giostra Genovese, Conc Stg Orch, King Ubu's Supper Music; Hirsch/ColWDR O [Wergo]


There are none at present.


(C) British Tone Poems V1 (6; Austin, Alwyn, Bantock, Gurney, Gardiner, Vaughan Williams); Gamba/BBCWalNa O [Chandos]

(T) German Radio Wks (7; Braunfels, Butting, Künneke, Schreker, Spoliansky, Toch); E.Theis/DresStOp O [CPO]
(T) Great Comedy Ovs (11 by 1 Austrian, 4 French, 4 German, 2 Italian cmpsrs); Friedel/RScotNa O [Naxos]