The index below lists captions for those albums in the "ORCHESTRAL" genre that got "CLOFO RECOMMENDATIONS" over the past couple of years. They're grouped by type ("COMPOSER", "PERFORMER" and "ALBUM TITLE") under appropriately marked header bars, and each has a URL prefix indicating the year its parent CROCKS NEWSLETTER was published, e.g.,

(C) Current year
(L) Last year
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(T) Two years ago

Each prefix calls up its descriptive caption's associated review, which includes a product "AVAILABILITY" panel. This has as many as four URL boxes that invoke different internet vendor's product pages for the subject album, thereby facilitating the ordering process.


(L) Addison, J.: Wellington Suite for 2 Horns, Piano… (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]
(C) Adès: Märchentänze, Hotel Suite from Powder Her Face, Lieux retrouvés, Dawn; Kuusisto/Nuñez/Collon/FinR SO [Ondine]
(C) Aho, K.: Violin Concerto No. 2, Cello Concerto No. 2; Vähälä/Roozeman/Kymi Sinfta [BIS (Hybrid)]
(T) Arensky: Egyptian Nights (Complete Ballet); Yablonsky/Moscow SO [Naxos]
(L) Arnold, Malcolm: Grand Concerto Gastronomique..., Symphony No. 9 in D major; Gibbons/Liep SO [Toccata]
(L) Axiotis, G.: Sunset, Prelude & Fugue, A Love Trilogy…, Remembrance…, Lyrical..., Like A…); Fidetzis/NewFestOSOS [Naxos]

(C) Bacewicz: Symphony No. 3, Symphony No. 4; Borowicz/ColWDR [CPO]
(T) Bantock: Serenade In the Far…, Suite Scenes… (see British Music for Stgs II & Chris.Wilson); Bostock/PforzSWG ChO [CPO]
(L) Beethoven: Conc for Pno, Vn & Vc "Triple" (arr C.Reinecke for pno trio; see C.Reinecke); Hyperion Trio [CPO]
(T) Beethoven: Conc for Pno, Vn & Vc "Triple" (arr C.Reinecke for pno trio; see C.Reinecke); D.&V.Ceccanti/Fossi [Naxos]
(L) Benjamin, A.L.: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]
(C) Berry, C.R.: Orch Wks V1 (Olympic... Ov, Sym 4, Sym 5); Suben/MoravPO/Kuchar/LvivNPOUkr/PolWPOLub [Toccata]
(T) Boëllmann: Symphonie…, Variations symphoniques…, Quatre pièces brèves…; Demarquette/Davin/Mulhouse SO [Fuga Lib]
(T) Boissier: Glamour Concerto, Philip Marlowe Concerto, Sonata Appassionata; Seferinova/Williams/Ukr Fest O [Toccata]
(C) Boyer, P.: Balance of Power (w 7 other orchestral works); Boyer, LonSO [Naxos]
(C) Braga, A.F.: Madrigal Pavana (see Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra); Thomson/EngChO [Naxos]
(T) Braunfels: Don Gil, Prelude; Divertimento; Ariel's Song; Serenade; Bühl/Vien RSO [Capriccio]
(C) Bristow, G.F.: Symphony No. 4 "Arcadian" (see Classics of American Romanticism); Botstein/TheOrchNow [Bridge]
(C) Bruk: Orch Wks V3 (Sym No. 22 "In the Ocean", Sym No. 23 "In the Ingrian Mode"); Kupčs/LithSt SO [Toccata]
(C) Burge, J.: Sinfonia Antiqua, Forgotten Dreams, One Sail, Upper Canada Fiddle Suite; Soloists/Mallon/ThirtStgsChO [Naxos]
(L) Bush, G: A Little Concerto on Themes of Thomas... (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]

(T) Cowell: Variations for Orchestra (see Americascapes, H.Hanson, Loeffler & Ruggles); Treviño/Basque NaO [Ondine]

(T) Di Vittorio, S.: Sinfas 3 "Templi..." & 4 "Metamorfosi", Ode..., Fanfara..., Venere..., Overtura..., etc; S.DiVittorio/NYChO [Naxos]

(L) Elcock: Orch Wks V3 (Manic Dancing, Sym 6 "Tyrants Destroyed", Sym 7); Kosterina/Vasiliev/Siber SO [Toccata]
(L) Elgar: Quartet in E minor (arr D.Matthews), Miniatures for Cello & Strings (arr D.Fraser); Wallfisch/Woods/EngStgO [Lyrita]


(C) Foerster, J.B.: Festive Overture, Symphony No. 1, From Shakespeare; Štilec/Janáček PO [Naxos]
(C) Flury, R.: Orchestral Music V3 (Symphony No. 1, Symphony No. 4 "Liechtensteinische"); Mann/BBC SO [Toccata]
(C) Fry, W.H: Niagara Symphony (see Classics of American Romanticism); Botstein/TheOrchNow [Bridge]

(L) Gerber, S.R.: Sinfta No. 1, Stg Sinfa No. 1, Two Lyric..., Stg Sinfa No. 2, Sinfta No. 2; Davis/Woods/EngSO/EngStgO [Nimbus]
(N) Goltermann, G.: Cello Concerto No. 1, Romance in A, Ballad in G, Symphony in A; Aliyev, Griffiths/Vienna RSO [CPO]
(C) Gomes, A.C.: Sonata for Strings (see Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra); Thomson/EngChO [Naxos]
(C) Goodwin, Ron: Drake 400 Ste, New Zealand Ste, Arabian Celebration, 7 Short Pieces; Goodwin/NZSO [Naxos]
(C) Guerra-Peixe: Sym Ste No. 1 "Paulista", Sym Ste No. 2 "Pernambucana", Roda de Amigos; Thomson/Goiás PO [Naxos]

(T) Hanson, H.: Before the Dawn, Op. 17 (see Americascapes, Cowell, Loeffler & Ruggles); Treviño/Basque NaO [Ondine]
(C) Hart, Edward: Under an Indigo Sky, A Charleston Concerto; Bekker/Harlem Quartet/Lam/Charleston SO [Navona]
(L) Hartmann, T. de: Orch Wks (Concerto…, Scherzo-fantastiqe, Sym-Poème No 3); Sicroff/Ng/LvivNPOUkr [Nimbus All]
(L) Hartmann, T. de: Orch Wks V1 (Koliadky…, Sym-Poème No 4, Conc Andaluz…, Une…); Evcil/Kuchar/LvivNPOUkr [Toccata]
(C) Hartmann, T. de: Orch Wks V2 (Sym-Poème No. 1, Fantasie-Conc for Dbl Bass & Orch); Bosch/Kuchar/LvivNPOUkr [Toccata]


(C) Kabeláč: Mystery of Time, Hamlet Improvisation, Reflections, Metamorphoses II; Sekera/Ivanović/PragRSO [Supraphon]
(C) Ķeniņš: Symphony No. 2 "Sinfonia concertante", Symphony No. 3, Symphony No. 7; Soloists/Poga/LatvNaSO [Ondine]
(L) Kleiberg: Violin Concerto 2, Cello Concerto Dopo & Viola Concerto; Thorsen/Sjölin/Ringstad/Szilvay/Trondheim SO [2L]
(L) Koechlin, C.: The Seven Stars' Symphony, Vers la voûte étoilée; Matiakh/SinforBasel [Capriccio]

(T) Loeffler: Le Mort de Tintagiles, Op. 6 (see Americascapes, Cowell, H.Hanson & Ruggles); Treviño/Basque NaO [Ondine]
(C) Loewe, C.: Symphony No. 1 in E minor, Symphony No. 2 in D minor, Themisto Overture; Gaudenz/Jenaer P [CPO]

(L) Maconchy, E.: Concerto for Piano and String... (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]
(L) Malipiero, G.F.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, Per una favola cavalleresca; Chiavacci/La Vecchia/OrSinfaR [Naxos]
(T) Manén; Vn Conc, Rapsòdia... (see Catalan Concertinos... & Migó) Macuto/Blanch/Sirenko/Ukr NSO [Toccata]
(T) Martinez, Mariana: Pno Conc in A major (see Spanish Pno Concs, Narro & Palomino); Mestre/Iberian PO [Haenssler]
(T) Massenet: Brumaire Ov, Visions Sym Poem, Espada Ste, Les Érinnyes Inc Music, Phèdre Ov; Tingaud/RScotNa O [Naxos]
(L) Mayer, E.: Overtures Nos. 2, 3, 4 & 6 "Faust", Symphony No. 3 "Military"; Rohde/MeckStaSchw [MDG (Hybrid)]
(C) Mayer, E.: Symphony No. 3 "Military" in C major, Symphony No. 7 in F minor; De Vriend/NDRP [CPO]
(T) Migó: Fantasia..., Epitafi a Hans Rott, Piano Conc (see Catalan Concertinos... & Manén) Pacheco/Sirenko/Ukr NSO [Toccata]
(C) Miguéz, L.: Suíte à Antiga (see Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra); Thomson/EngChO [Naxos]

(T) Narro: Pno Conc in G major (see Spanish Pno Concs, M.Marinez & Palomino); Mestre/Iberian PO [Haenssler]
(C) Nepomuceno, A.: Serenata, Suíte Antiga (see Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra); Thomson/EngChO [Naxos]
(C) Norman, L.: Concert Ov, Funeral March "To the…", Ov to Shakespeare's…, Symphony No. 3; Gustavsson/Oulu SO [Ondine]
(L) Novák, Jan: Orch Wks V1 (Pno Conc, Oboe Conc, Concentus biiugis...; Soloists/Tardanová/EnOpDivCO [Toccata]
(N) Novák, V.: Orch Wks V2 (Moravian-Slovak Suite, Two Wallachian Dances, De profundis); Svoboda/Štilec/Janá P Ost [Naxos]


(C) Paladi: Piano Concerto, Violin Concerto, Symphonic Suite "Das Zauberflötchen"; Triendl/Karmon/Tzigane/WPR [Capriccio]
(T) Palomino: Pno Conc in G major (see Spanish Pno Concs, M.Martinez & Narro); Mestre/Iberian PO [Haenssler]
(T) Palomino: Vn Conc in G major (see Spanish Pno Concs, M.Martinez & Narro); Borysiuk/Mestre/Iberian PO [Haenssler]
(L) Papadimitriou, D.: Pno Conc 1, Incompleteness, Pollock, Dreams Errants (excs); Gouvalis/Petrou/Athens StO [MDG (Hybrid)]
(L) Parfenov, A.: Aachener…, Orch Ste…, Piloten…, Tango WS…, Vn Conc…; A.Parfenov/Goicea/Ward/Aachen SO [Naxos]
(N) Petitgirard, L.: Si Yeou Ki (The Journey to the West); Petitgirard/Hung SO Buda [Naxos]
(T) Piston: Vars on a Theme by E.B.Hill, Divertimento..., Cl Conc, Conc for Orch; Norsworthy/Rose/BosMOP O [BMOP/s (Hybrid)]
(C) Price, F.: Concert Overtures Nos. 1 & 2, Songs of the Oak, The Oak, Colonial Dances, Suite of Dances; Jeter/WPR [Naxos]
(L) Price, F.: Symphony No. 3 in C minor, The Mississippi River, Ethiopia's Shadow in America; Jeter/Vien RSO [Naxos]

(C) Rauchenecker: Symphony No. 1, Sinfonisches Tonwerk im… (w 1 chbr wk); Griffiths/MusikWint/Bohren/Sarastro Qt [CPO]
(L) Rautavaara: Fantasia, In the Beginning, Deux Sérénades (cpte Aho), Lost Landscapes; Lamsma/Treviño/Malmö SO [Ondine]
(C) Respighi, O.: Gli uccelli, Antiche danze ed arie per liuto (Suites 1-3); Neschling/OPRL [BIS (Hybrid)]
(T) Romberg, A.J.: Syms 1 & 3, Die Großmut des Scipio Ov; Griffiths/Phion OG&O [CPO]
(T) Rott: Orch Wks V2 (Sym 1, Sym for Stgs, Sym Mvmt); Ward/GürOCol [Capriccio]
(L) Rubbra, E.: Nature's Song for Orchestra, Organ... (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]
(T) Ruggles: Evocations (see Americascapes, Cowell, H.Hanson & Loeffler); Treviño/Basque NaO [Ondine]

(C) Santoro, Claudio: Sym 5, Sym 7 "Brasília"; Thomson/Goiás PO [Naxos]
(T) Schelb: Orch Wks V2 (Cor Anglais Conc, Pno Conc, Va Conc); Wollenweber/Blome/Zickgraf/Bruns/BerKamSym [Toccata]
(L) Schnelzer: A Freak…, Burn My Letters…, Vn Conc No. 2 (w 3 chbr wks); Gringolts/Crawford-Phillips/VästSinfta [BIS (Hybrid)]
(C) Scott, D.B.: Orch Wks V2 (Sym No. 1 in Ab♭ major, Sym No. 2 in G minor, The Silver Sword); Mann/Liep SO [Toccata]
(L) Searle, H.: Concertante for Piano, Percussion and... (see British Piano Concertos); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]
(L) Seiber, Mátyás: Besardo-Suite 2, Fantasia..., Sinfonietta, Concert Piece, Vn Son; Karman/Török/WKO Heil/Triendl [Haenssler]
(C) Sgambati: Symphony No. 2 in E♭ Major, Sinfonia epitalamio (Nuptial Symphony); Vecchia/OrSinfaR [Naxos]
(T) Shor: Images from the Great Siege (An Orchestral Cycle), Verdiana; Smbatyan/Lon SO [Naxos]
(C) Sivelöv: Symphony No. 1 "Nordico", Symphony No. 5 "Concerto for Orchestra"; Gustafsson/MalOpO [Naxos]
(C) Sørensen, B.: L'Isola della Città, Second Symphony; Sarasate, Trio con Brio, DanNa SO [Dacapo]
(L) Spoliansky: Orch Wks (My Husband and I Ov, Boogie, Symphony in Five Movements); Mann/Liep SO [Toccata]
(L) Still, W.G.: Summerland, Violin Suite, Pastorela, American Suite (with 5 other works); Schiff/Eisenberg/RScotNa O [Naxos]
(L) Stöhr: Concert im alten Stil (stgs, pno & perc), Suite No. 2 in A minor (stg orch); Kopacka/Hobson/SinfaVars [Toccata]
(L) Stojowski: Symphony in D minor (Op. 21), Suite for Orchestra in E♭ major (Op. 9); Wit/DSpRh-Pf [Capriccio]

(L) Takács: Serenade…, Rhapsody…, Conc for Pno..., Passacaglia…, 3 Pieces…; Karmon/Triendl/Christ/Ingol GeChO [Capriccio]
(T) Taylor, Mat.: Sym 4, Romanza (stgs), Sym 5; K.Woods/BBCWalNa O/Eng SO [Nimbus]
(T) Tchaikovsky, Alexander: Orch Wks V1 (Sym 3, Sym 7 "Quarantine..." for Stgs, Perc & Pno); Vasiliev/Siber SO [Toccata]
(L) Tchaikovsky, P.: Orchestral Suite No. 4, Op. 61 "Mozartiana"; Goicea/Ward/Aachen SO [Naxos]
(T) Tcherepnin, N.: Le Pavillon d'Armide (Fantastic Ballet); Shek/Moscow SO [Naxos}
(C) Téllez, F.: Suite Concertante..., Lovers..., Romanza..., Impromptu..., Corita; Mann/Kuo/Guggenheim/CanStuSym [Centre]
(T) Theofanidis: Vn Conc, Va Conc (chbr orch); Chee-Yun/O'Neill/Miller/Albany SO [Albany]


(T) Vasks: Musica serena, Musica dolorosa, Musica appassionata, Vc Conc 2; Sinkevich/Palii/Repus|š|ic|ć|/MunR O [BR Klassik]

(C) Weigl, K.I.: Piano Concerto Op. 21, Rhapsody for String Orchestra, Three Songs...; Triendl/Johnson/Gaudenz/Jenaer P [CPO]
(C) Williams, Adrian: Symphony No. 1, Chamber Concerto "Portraits of Ned Kelly"; Woods/EngSO [Nimbus All]
(T) Wilson, Chris.: Ste for Stg Orch (see British Music for Stgs II & Bantock); Bostock/PforzSWG ChO [CPO]
(L) Winterberg: Sinfonia drammatica, Piano Concerto No. 1, Rhythmophonie; Powell/Kalitzke/RSOBerlin [Capriccio]
(C) Wolf-Ferrari: Suite veneziana, Triptychon, Divertimento, Arabesken; Haider/Ovieda Filarmonía [Naxos]
(T) Wordsworth, Wm.: Orch Wks V3 (Vc Conc, Sym 5); Arnicans/Gibbons/Liep SO [Toccata]
(L) Wordsworth, Wm.: Orch Wks V4 (A Spring Ov, Confluence…, Jubilation…, Sym 7); Balta|ā|bola/Gibbons/Liep SO [Toccata]
(T) Wranitzky, Paul: Orch Wks V1 (Sym in C, Sym in B♭, Die Post... Ov, Das Fest... Ov & Serenade); Štilec/CzPard ChPO [Naxos]
(T) Wranitzky, Paul: Orch Wks V2 (Sym in d "La Tempesta", Sym in A, Sym in F, Der Schreiner Ov); Štilec/CzPard ChPO [Naxos]
(L) Wranitzky, Paul: Orch Wks V3 (Sym in D "La Chasse", Sym in C, Mitgefühl Ov, Die gute... Ov); Štilec/CzPard ChPO [Naxos]
(L) Wranitzky, Paul: Orch Wks V4 (Das Waldmädchen, Pastorale and Allemande); Štilec/CzChPOPard [Naxos]
(C) Wranitzky, Paul: Orch Wks V5 (Das listige Bauernmädchen, Vorstellungen, Quodlibet-Contra…); Štilec/CzPard ChPO [Naxos]
(C) Wranitzky, Paul: Sym in G (Op. 50), Sym in D (Op. 37), Sym in A (Op. 51); Gupta/NDRP [CPO]




(L) Aachener Walzer: (6 orch wks; see A.Parfenov & P.Tchaikovsky); Goicea/A.Parfenov/Ward/Aachen SO [Naxos]
(T) Americascapes (4 orch wks by US cmpsrs; see Cowell, H.Hanson, Loeffler & Ruggles); Treviño/Basque NaO [Ondine]

(C) Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra (see A.F.Braga, A.C.Gomes, L.Miguéz & A.Nepomuceno); Thomson/EngChO [Naxos]
(T) British Music for Strings II (3 early 20th C. wks; see Bantock & Chris.Wilson); Bostock/PforzSWG ChO [CPO]
(L) British Piano Concertos (6 20th C. wks by 6 cmpsrs); Callaghan/Brabbins/BBCWalna O [Lyrita]

(T) Catalan Concertinos and Fantasias (5 20-21st C. wks by 2 cmpsrs; see Manén & Migó); Soloists/Sirenko/Ukr NSO [Toccata]
(C) Classics of American Romanticism (see G.F.Bristow & W.H.Fry); Botstein/TheOrchNow [Bridge]

(C) Evocations (see Téllez, F.); Mann/Kuo/Guggenheim/CanStuSym [Centre]

(T) Spanish Pno Concs (3 by 18th C cmpsrs; see M.Martinez, Narro & Palomino); Mestre/Borysiuk/Iberian PO [Haenssler]